The two artists Silke Hartstang and Elnara Ismailova have been working closely together since 2002. The extensive concert repertoire includes many songs and Lieder, opera, operetta in various languages​​.

 Among other numerous performances the duo acted out in "Rotes Rathaus"-Berlin in 2007. In April 2008 the two artists had  their first television performance in the Turkish-speaking channel Kanal Avrupa (Europe channel).

At the baroque-event "Engerser-Convent 2011" they moderated, played act and made music in their program "The Travels of Elector Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony".






 photo: G.-D. Dott






The Trio, founded in 2011, is formed of the two singers Nicola Müllers (soprano) and Silke Hartstang (mezzo soprano) and the pianist Elnara Ismailova.




It performs solo songs and piano solo works just as well as many famous duets from the category song, oratorio, opera, and musical.





photo: privat